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According to the Brazilian Law nº 11.182, September 27 of 2005, the Brazilian Civil Aviation Authority (ANAC) is responsible to adopt the necessary measures for the development and promotion of civil aviation, regulating and supervising all the activities of this complex logistic system. The rules for accessibility and the rights of passengers with disabilities on Air Transport are defined by the Resolution nº 280, July 11 of 2013. Since June 5th of 2007, date of the first regulation of this subject, the oversight actions of ANAC always reflected the concerns with the experience and dignity of the passengers with disabilities traveling by air.

Accessibility and the respect of passengers with disabilities are one top priorities of the oversight actions of ANAC, which are carried out by the Regional Offices of ANAC, spreaded in 19 states and 21 airports, and takes in account the complaints and reports filed by the passengers on the communication channels of ANAC.

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