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ANAC develops rules and enforces compliance to promote safety and excellence in the Brazilian civil aviation market. ANAC also inspects and certifies aircraft, aircraft operators, aircraft manufacturers, aircraft maintenance organizations, airports, training organizations and personnel to ensure compliance with established rules and regulations. Overall, ANAC’s goals are to prevent accidents and to improve the quality of services provided by air companies, civil aviation personnel and airports.  



ANAC certifies civil aircraft, aircraft manufacturers and its components, aircraft operators, aerodromes, training organizations, civil aviation personnel and aircraft maintenance organizations in order to verify if they comply with safety rules. Certification is a systematic process involving follow-up and evaluation for ensuring trust and compliance with requirements established by rules and regulations for all civil aviation regulated entities. Certification processes follow the Chicago Convention (1944) and are recognized by many countries with which Brazil has celebrated aviation cooperation agreements, such as the United States of America, Canada, Australia and countries from the European Union, South America and Asia.



ANAC develops and issues rules for the appropriate operation of the Brazilian civil aviation, taking into consideration potential regulatory impacts. Additionally, it evaluates contributions sent by the Brazilian society through public consultations. As a member of several international civil aviation organizations Brazil takes into account regulations issued by these institutions when developing its technical rules.



ANAC carries out surveillance activities and inspections. Continuous surveillance is a permanent follow-up for verifying performance patterns of products, companies, operations, processes or services and of professionals certified by ANAC in order to guarantee acceptable safety levels and to improve passenger services. Inspections are carried out along with other Brazilian authorities in order to identify and prevent violation of regulations and illegal acts.


Civil Aviation Personnel

Air transport involves pilots, flight attendants, flight dispatchers, aircraft maintenance mechanics, airport screeners and rescue and firefighting personnel. ANAC is responsible for issuing technical licenses and certificates for civil aviation professionals, as well as for performing medical assessments. The Agency inspects civil aviation personnel compliance with safety rules, standards and requirements.


ANAC and society

Citizens are invited to participate in the development of air sector rules by sending their contributions through public consultations or directly to ANAC, which are analyzed and may be incorporated into new regulations. Citizens can also contribute by denunciating the violation of civil aviation rules. ANAC’s headquarters are located in Brasília (DF), with regional offices in São Paulo (SP), São José dos Campos (SP) and Rio de Janeiro (RJ) and offices in the most important Brazilian airports.


ANAC and air passengers

ANAC works to ensure that good-quality air transportation services are provided. When purchasing air tickets passengers establish an air transportation contract with the airline. If passengers feel harmed or feel their rights have been disrespected, they must first contact the airline to claim their consumer rights. If this action does not bring positive results, passengers may contact ANAC and register a complaint against the airline. As a result, ANAC will assess the application of penalties to the air company, thus contributing to the improvement of services. Passengers may also contact the Brazilian Consumer Protection and Defense Authorities or the Judiciary Authorities.