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The Agency

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ANAC is a regulatory agency which was established to regulate and inspect civil aviation activities as well as aeronautical and airport infrastructure in Brazil. The agency was created in 2005, replacing the Department of Civil Aviation (DAC) as the new National Civil Aviation Authority.

The Agency is responsible for the regulation, inspection and certification of aircraft, companies, manufacturers, aircraft maintenance organizations, aerodromes, schools and civil aviation professionals. The government agency works to ensure civil aviation safety and security and to improve the quality of services, fostering a competitive market.

ANAC is linked to the Ministry of Transport, Ports and Civil Aviation, however it is not hierarchically subordinate to the Ministry and it has administrative independence, financial autonomy and fixed mandate for its directors.  The Agency has nearly 2,200 employees.


Ensure safety and excellence in Civil Aviation.

Our vision is to be a reference in safety promotion and development of Civil Aviation.

Legislation for reference:

  • Law Nr. 11182 of September 27th, 2005.
  • Decree Nr. 5731 of March 20th, 2006.