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Registration of Scheduled and Non-Scheduled Air Services

por fabricio.fagundes publicado 13/08/2018 10h38, última modificação 19/11/2020 22h34

All scheduled and non-scheduled air services available for sale must be previously registered at ANAC.

Air services must be registered by season (Summer and Winter) following a published calendar of activities. Registration is made in ANAC´s system SIROS.

Before registering at ANAC, the airlines must request the necessary airport and airspace infrastructure allocation, according to the planned air services for the current season.

The operation of international air services may need special treatment. More information available here.

It is possible to register air services for future seasons even before reservation of airport and airspace infrastructure. However, up to 30 days before the start of the season, all registered air services must be in perfect compliance with the allocated infrastructure.

Registration of scheduled and non-scheduled air services in Brazil is based on the following regulation: Resolution ANAC 440/2017 and Ordinance 2.177/SAS/2020, both available only in Portuguese.

All registered air services in Brazil are available at the  website Consulta de Voos Planejados – SIROS, with the possibility of selecting airports or air carrier and period of operation from today up to 365 days ahead.

The update list of all registered air services for current and future seasons can be downloaded at https://sistemas.anac.gov.br/sas/registros/registros/registros.csv

For more information about registration of scheduled and non-scheduled ​air services, please contact gtrc@anac.gov.br