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Codeshare is a commercial cooperation agreement between two or more airlines and its operation consists in placing the flight identification code of an airline in flights operated by another airline.

Airlines must seek prior approval from ANAC to be able to perform operations in code-share. Irrespective of this approval, other approvals may be necessary, in accordance with the respective laws and regulations of Brazil and the other countries involved.


How to Apply

The approval procedure for codeshare operations is contained in Administrative Rule (Portaria) nº 070/DGAC, dated February 11, 1999 and Administrative Rule (Portaria) nº 649/SAS, dated 18 March 2016 and subsequent amendments.

It is possible to submit an approval request through the electronic protocol of the Electronic Information System (SEI), available here (in Portuguese only).

To submit the request through the electronic protocol, the applicant must select process type “Empresas, Oper. e Serv. Aéreos: Aprovação de operações em código compartilhado”, fill in the form and attach the required documents.

Alternatively, the applicant may submit the request by mail. The application form can be found here.


Required documents (to be provided along with the form)

  1. Power of Attorney from the requesting airline, in accordance with Articles 653 et seq. of Brazilian Law n. 10.406, dated January 10, 2002. This document is not necessary if it is already duly updated and filed in the registration files of the airline at ANAC. Note: The application must be filed by the legal representative of the airline in Brazil.
  2. For airlines that do not operate to Brazil, copy of the Air Operator Certificate.

Note: It is not necessary to attach to the application a copy of the document demonstrating that the airlines are designated by their respective countries. However, it is necessary that the participating foreign airlines are designated by their respective countries (through diplomatic channels) to operate such services to Brazil.

Laws and regulation related to this subject:



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