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Aircraft registration

por fabricio.fagundes publicado 30/05/2018 18h38, última modificação 20/04/2021 12h33

In the structural organization of ANAC (the agency responsible for brazilian national aviation system), RAB registers Brazilian civil aircrafts. As part of our service, we: 

- issue aircraft registration certificates; 
- reserve registration letters; 
- provide certified information (certidão);
- update addresses;
- register documents that formalize aircraft property, usage or possession.

Among these, the letters reservation is conducted over the internet; any troubleshooting can be sent to our e-mail. To obtain other services, our clients need to fill a form, selecting the nature of their request and attaching to it the required documents.  

Write to our e-mail: rab@anac.gov.br or to our address:

Av. Presidente Vargas, 850, 14 º andar 
CEP 20071-001—Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brasil