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What is Safety Management Systems?

por fabricio.fagundes publicado 29/03/2019 11h21, última modificação 29/03/2019 11h21

Safety Management Systems (SMS) is a global, systematic and standardized approach to managing safety risks.

Similar systems are used to managing critical areas in organizations that use complexes systems in their day to day activities, requiring a high level of quality in areas such as security, occupational health, environment, etc.

The SMS for civil aviation services providers and the Brazilian Civil Aviation Safety Programme (PSO-BR) will integrate the risk management into modern management concepts to ensure proactive safety.

SMS emphasizes safety management as a fundamental business process to be considered as important as all other aspects of business management.

The key-processes of an SMS are:

  • Report on Safety Issues and Events: a process of data and information acquisition related to safety.
  • Identification of hazards: a set of activities aimed to identify dangers related to the organization.
  • Risk management: a standardized process for evaluation and definition of actions to risk control.
  • Performance measurement: management tools developed to evaluate if the safety objectives of the organization were achieved.
  • Safety guarantee: a set of activities used to standardize the delivery of services according to the criteria of performance established.