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ANAC Safety Programme (PSOE-ANAC)

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In accordance with the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) guidelines contained in Annex 19 to the Convention on International Civil Aviation, each signatory State shall establish and maintain a State Safety Programme (SSP) compatible with the size and complexity of its system of civil aviation. 

In order to meet this requirement and considering the distribution of civil aviation responsibilities between the National Civil Aviation Agency (ANAC) and the Aeronautical Command (COMAER), Brazil published the Brazilian Civil Aviation Safety Programme (PSO-BR) in 2009, indicating the need, both ANAC and COMAER, to develop their respective Specific Safety Program.

Following the guidelines of Annex 19, ANAC published the first version of its Specific Safety Programme in 2009. The programme was reformulated six years later, in a complete revision process that originated the current version of the document: ANAC Safety Programme  (English version)


Safety Policy - ANAC

ANAC’s Safety Policy has as main objective promoting good practices and positive safety culture in the civil aviation system. The Policy, which was approved by the Board of Directors of ANAC on October 18th, 2016, reinforces the importance of the continuity of the Specific Safety Program of the Agency, representing ANAC's commitment to the search for continuous improvement in safety levels of Brazilian civil aviation.

Click to access the ANAC Safety Policy. (only in Portuguese)


Implementation Plan

The implementation of ANAC Safety Programme was initiated in July 2017, with the inclusion of the program in the Agency's Project Portfolio. The objective is to develop the structure and processes necessary to fully achieve the implementation of the Programme in the Agency and thus contribute to ANAC becoming a reference in safety management. The program is sponsored and accompanied by the Director-President of ANAC, Mr. José Ricardo Botelho.

The implementation of the Programme involves several areas of ANAC and it is being executed in the form of 12 projects that will result in the construction of 50 products over the next 5 years. Check below the projects in progress: 

  • Project 1: Implementation of Risk Management
  • Project 2: Safety Assurance
  • Project 3: Safety Promotion
  • Project 4: Information Protection
  • Project 5: Management and Coordination of the ANAC Safety Programme
  • Project 6: ANAC Safety Programme - goals and objectives
  • Project 7: Implementation of the specific safety management training program of ANAC Safety Programme
  • Project 8: Support for the Implementation of the SMS
  • Project 9: Change Management
  • Project 10: Critical Analysis and Continuous Improvement
  • Project 11: Implementation of the SMS in the Civil Aviation Services Providers
  • Project 12: Establishment of Enforcement Policy