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Ticket and Boarding Documents

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Passengers may buy air tickets directly in the airline website, in travel agencies or stores. The total price of the airline ticket must be presented at the end of the search performed by passengers (including all fees, airport taxes and other governmental taxes). 

The price of the airline ticket may vary according to the channel used for sale, such as the Internet, stores, airport ticket counter and travel agencies and it is forbidden to charge for its issuance due to the channel used.

 All information about air transport services and rules  by the airlines must be in Portuguese, in a clear and objective way to the passenger in their physical stores, in the electronic addresses (websites) and by telephone. Always request for these rules in writing form.

You are not required to buy any optional service that airlines could offer during the online ticket purchase. The travel insurance, comfort seat and extra luggage, for example, are optional services and may not come pre-selected. Passengers must actively select optional services and airlines must present their costs separately from the ticket price.


Filling in data and name correction

During the purchase process, be careful and do not make any mistake when filling in name and personal information because, for security reasons, a passenger may be prevented from continuing the travel in case of inconsistency of information.

For domestic or international flights, the passenger can request the correction of data with no additional charge before the check-in. After receiving your ticket receipt and at your earliest convenience, check all the data. If you notice a mistake in the spelling of your name, notify the airline as soon as possible.

In case of international trips that include more than one airline, the passenger may be charged for the correction.


Air transport contract

Before completing the online purchase, the passenger will have access to the summary of all information concerning the contracted service. The contract will also contain information regarding rebooking and cancellation charges and refund policies, among others. The purchase will only be concluded if the passenger reads and accepts the terms. Information about other services offered by the airline will be available at its website.


Ticket receipt

After buying the airline ticket, the passenger will receive a ticket receipt that must contain:

  • The total price of the airline ticket (in Brazilian reais);
  • No-show, rebooking and refund policies, including fees applied;
  • Connection time and changes of airports (if applicable);
  • Baggage policies (if applicable);
  • The name of the passenger;
  • Time and date of the flight;
  • Boarding time;
  • Purchased services and optional items (if applicable);
  • The expiration date of the ticket.


Cancelation within 24 hours


For airline tickets bought at least 7 days before the flight, after receiving the ticket receipt, the passenger may cancel the purchase within 24 hours, without additional charges.

After 24 hours, the passenger can reschedule the flight or ask for a refund, subject to penalties and  payment of fare difference, as applicable.


Personal Documentation needed for check-in and boarding

When preparing for the trip be careful and check all the necessary personal documentation required for check-in and boarding, including documentation for companions and especially minors. For international flights, also check requirements regarding vaccines and rules for the stay in the country of destination.  

Please find below the list of documents for foreigners embarkation. The list for Brazilian citizens is available on the Internet at https://www.gov.br/anac/pt-br/assuntos/passageiros/documentos-para-embarque.

Foreigners of any age (domestic flights)

  • Passport or Foreigner´s Identity Card; or
  • Diplomatic/Consulate Identity Card; or
  • Other legal travel document according to Decree N. 5.978/2006 or resulting from international agreements signed by Brazil.

Foreigners of any age (international flights)

  • Passport; or
  • Civil Identification Document for citizens from Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, Bolivia, Chile, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia and Venezuela.

In case of theft, robbery or loss of document it´s necessary to follow the rules of Decree N. 5.978/2006 or to contact the Consulate or Embassy of the passenger’s country.