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The National Civil Aviation Agency (ANAC) published  Resolution N. 280 in 2013 about Rights of passengers needing special assistance.

This Resolution focuses on the quality of services provided to passengers who require special assistance:

  • People with disabilities;
  • People aged 60 or over;
  • Pregnant women;
  • Breastfeeding mothers;
  • People carrying young children;
  • People with reduced mobility who have limited autonomy as passengers.


Passengers in need of special assistance should notify the airline when purchasing of the airline ticket or at any other moment, considering the following deadlines:

  • Minimum of 72 hours before the scheduled time of departure in case the passenger needs a travel companion, special medical care (i.e., stretchers, oxygen or other medical equipment).  In these cases, it is necessary to present the supporting medical documents. The passenger could also use the “Medical Information Form - MEDIF” provided by the airline.
  • Minimum of 48 hours before the scheduled time of the flight in case the passenger needs other types of assistance.


The airline is responsible for assisting passengers who require special assistance from the check-in until the access to the public area, after disembarkation. The airline must provide priority assistance to passengers needing special assistance during all the stages of the travel.

If you need more information about accessibility, click on the Guide to Passenger Rights and Accessibility.