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Flight attendant

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To obtain the flight attendant license, the applicant must be 18 years old, complete high school and attend an ANAC-approved Professional Instruction Unit in order to comply with the Theoretical and Practical Instruction Program set out in the Flight Attendant Course Manual (MCA 58-11), with a minimum total workload of 138 class hours.

Requirements to obtain the license:

  • Be not less than 18 years of age
  • Hold a high school certificate
  • Have been completed, successfully, a certified course by ANAC
  • Have been approved in the ANAC Knowledge test
  • Hold valid 2nd Class Aeronautical Medical Certificate


For the purposes of obtaining a license and qualification, refer to the requirements set out in paragraphs 63.69, 63.71 and 63.75 of RBHA 63.

After attend a course program and being approved by one of the certified schools by ANAC, the candidate must take the ANAC Knowledge test.

After being approved in the Knowledge test, the candidate may join an airline, according to the 

employer's own selection criteria.

Admitted, the contracted candidate shall be given theoretical and practical instruction on the equipment (aircraft), on an aircraft itself (on the ground) or on a mock-up (simulator), specific to the type of aircraft on which the student will qualify for a minimum of 27 class hours.

The company will offer internship in flight of at least 15 hours, and of these, should be destined 1 (one) hour to perform check (practical exam) applied by professionals accredited by ANAC.

Once the internship in flight has been confirmed and the check is approved, the company will open the relevant administrative process requesting from ANAC the granting of the intended license and rating, besides the respective issuance of the contractor's Technical Rating Certificate (CHT) of the flight attendant, who may carry out his professional activities.


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