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  • What is a remote pilot?
    • It is the person handling the flight controls of an unmanned aircraft. All remote pilots must be 18 years old or over, except who pilots a model aircraft.

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  • Can the remote pilot have na auxiliar?
    • Yes. In this case he is called “observer”, which is the person who,  without the aid of equipment or lenses (other than corrective lenses), assists the remote pilot in the safe conduct of the flight, maintaining direct visual contact with the RPA.

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  • Can the remote pilot be substituted during an unmanned flight operation??
    • Yes. It’s permitted the substitution of the remote pilot during an operation.

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  • What are the responsibilities of the remote pilot in command?
    • To hold a valid 1st, 2nd, or 5th Class Aeronautical Medical Certificate (CMA) in accordance with paragraph 67.13 (g) of the RBAC nr. 67 or a valid 3rd Class CMA issued by the Brazilian Air Force Command according to ICA 63-15, if operating an RPA over 25 kg of maximum takeoff weight (except model aircraft)..

      To hold a license and rating issued or validated by ANAC if engaged in operations above 400 feet above ground level or operating in Class 1 or 2 RPAS operations.

      Verify the airworthiness condition of the unmanned aircraft and its flight safety conditions, as well as to be aware of all necessary informations regarded to the planning of the flight. The flight must be discontinued as soon as possible when mechanical, electrical, or structural problems occur that compromise the safety of the operation. ANAC releases orientations on aeronautical metereology to remote pilots in Drones and Meteorology's page.

      To act in all fases of the flight during the operation.

      Pilot only one RPAS at a time.

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  • Do remote pilots of unmanned aircrafts up to 250 grams need licence and rationg?
    • No. All operators of model aircraft and RPA with a maximum takeoff weight smaller than 250 grams are considered as properly licensed without the need of having any document issued by ANAC.

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  • If I need a licence and rating to operate drones, how should I proceed?
    • The person shall send an e-mail to processos.pel@anac.gov.br, with infornations of his/her aircraft, a description of the operation that pretends to perform and contact information. ANAC will answer to inform about the procedures that must be followed

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