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Consultation on economic regulation of airport concessions

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ANAC invites all interested parties to submit contributions regarding aspects of economic regulation applicable for the sixth round of airport concession.

ANAC has released a consultation document (available below) to all parties interested in submitting contributions to the next round of airport concessions.

Taking into account the experience of agents involved with current airport concessions in Brazil, international airport concessions or concessions implemented by other sectors, ANAC invites all interested parties to contribute with the modeling of economic regulation that will be applicable to the next airport concessions sending substantiated contributions about the following subjects:

  • Flexibility of price regulation and the evaluation of criteria to subject the activities of an airport to the average revenue cap;
  • Increase the engagement of the parties directly involved in airport planning and utilization decisions through the supported proposal;
  • Flexibility of mandatory investments, providing more freedom for the operator to define the investments to be made and the level of service to be maintained in consultation with airport users;
  • Assessment of the terms of the concessions;
  • Decentralization of regulation.


It should be noted that, while all contributions will be analyzed and considered by ANAC when making its decisions, ANAC will not necessarily respond to each contribution individually as occurs during the formal public hearing process, which will follow its regular procedures as in previous concessions. The purpose of this consultation is to broaden social participation.

Contributions can be submitted by October 4, 2019 to the address gere@anac.gov.br.

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