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Slot Coordination

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Slot Coordination involves the slot allocation in congested airports which have constrained or limited airport capacity and where the available infrastructure is insufficient to meet the demand of airlines and other aircraft operators. Slot Coordination is a process to maximize the efficient use of airport infrastructure.

ANAC is responsible for slot allocation in all Brazilian coordinated airports and must work in a neutral, transparent and non-discriminatory way to ensure efficient use of airport capacity and better operational performance.

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ANAC Slot Coordination has been in operation since 2009, looking to apply slot coordination international rules to GRU Airport. Since then, ANAC has promoted the following achievements:

  • Coordination of 11 airports during the 2013 Confederations Cup;
  • Coordination of 5 airports during the event “World Youth Day” in 2013;
  • Coordination of 25 airports during the 2014 FIFA World Cup;
  • Coordination of 8 airports during IATA Summer Season 2016 (S16), due to the Olympic Games in Brazil.


Currently, ANAC is responsible for the coordination of five airports (designated as Level 3):

  • Congonhas (CGH/SBSP)
  • Guarulhos (GRU/SBGR)
  • Pampulha (PLU/SBBH)
  • Recife (REC/SBRF) 
  • Santos Dumont (SDU/SBRJ)


There are four airports designated as Level 2, where the own airport administrative body is responsible for managing the planned operations in the airport:

  • Brasília (BSB/SBBR)
  • Confins (CNF/SBCF)
  • Florianópolis (FLN/SBFL)
  • Fortaleza (FOR/SBFZ)
  • Galeão (GIG/SBGL)
  • Porto Alegre (POA/SBPA)
  • Salvador (SSA/SBSV)
  • Viracopos (VCP/SBKP)


Brazilian Level 1 airports that are administrated and managed by company Infraero follow the same procedures and deadlines applied to Level 2 and 3 airports.

Click on AIRPORT CONTACTS to see the contacts related to slot allocation in all Level 3 and Level 2 airports and for airports managed by Infraero.