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Overflight and Landing Clearance

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Overflight notice (with or without landing) or application for permission to land and stay in Brazilian territory

The following procedures are available only to operators flying non Brazilian private aircraft on non-commercial flights.

Overflight notice (with or without landing)
According to Resolution 178/10 (only available in Portuguese), before presenting a flight plan destined to Brazil, every operator or pilot in command of a foreign private aircraft flying on non-commercial flight must notify ANAC the overflight.

The notification is all that is needed for those who want to fly over Brazilian territory and if necessary make only one technical landing. It is not necessary any other authorization or permit on behalf of ANAC. All information given will be recorded on ANAC’s database.


Application for permission to land and stay in Brazilian territory (AVANAC) 
If after the first landing in Brazilian territory, the foreign private operator wants to land on other airports located in Brazil, it is necessary to apply for a Flight Permission issued by ANAC (AVANAC). Application for such permission must be made at least 24 (twenty four) hours before the estimated landing time, so the request can be properly evaluated.

A foreign private operator with an AVANAC permission do not need to notify overflight before presenting a flight plan to Brazil.

The first landing in Brazil must be made at an international airport and the AVANAC must be validated with Customs (Receita Federal do Brasil) through registration in our system of the temporary admission entry term called Termo de Entrada e Admissão Temporária (TEAT) or equivalent document. Without such registry no flight plans to Brazilian territory will be accepted.

Leaving Brazil must be made from an international airport and before flight the TEAT must be returned to Customs. Customs will complete the AVANAC process by ending the permission.

Aircraft entering Brazil and going through import process, in addition to documents listed on Resolution 178/10, can be asked to show certificates and information to collaborate with the process.

According to article 302 of Law #7565/96, it is a violation to enter, keep and operate any foreign aircraft on Brazilian territory without a valid permission or with AVANAC that has not been revalidated.


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