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Prior Consultation

publicado 06/11/2017 09h56, última modificação 11/01/2019 16h03
ANAC invites all interested parties to submit contributions regarding aspects of economic regulation applicable to the new airports concessions round

ANAC has released a consultation document (available below) to all parties interested in submitting contributions to the next round of airport concessions.

In addition to promoting discussions on possible evolutions of the current regulatory model, the document encourages contributions on aspects related to the concession modelling and regulation of clusters with airports of different sizes.

This is the first round proposing airport concessions in clusters, besides also being the first round in which small and mid-sized airports are being privatized.

These features raise important challenges to the regulator, which makes interested parties participation even more important, in particular the parties that can contribute with similar experiences from other infrastructure sectors and other countries.

The contributions can be sent to gere@anac.gov.br up to the end of January/2018. It must be noted that this consultation does not replace the formal public hearing, which will be carried out later.



The contributions received are available in the links below:


Prior consultation concluded

After concluding of the Prior Consultation phase, ANAC has release the Public Hearing Nº 11/2018, disclosing the main documents related to the 5th round of airport concessions.

Click here to access the documents of the Public Hearing Nº 11/2018 (available only in Portuguese).

Prior Consultation phase is directly available here

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