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Language Proficiency

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Language Proficiency

Language proficiency requirements for Brazilian civilian pilots operating aircraft in international flights.

In order to achieve greater safety in radiotelephony communications among aircraft pilots, air traffic controllers and aeronautical station operators, the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), in its Annex 1, establishes Standards and Recommended Practices (SARPs) with respect to the language proficiency of such professionals.

In Brazil (an ICAO Contracting State), the National Civil Aviation Agency – ANAC, the Brazilian civil aviation authority (CAA), is in charge of certifying the language proficiency of aeroplane, airship, helicopter and powered-lift aircraft pilots for international air operations involving Brazilian civilian aircraft. To prove their proficiency in English, pilots must demonstrate their ability to speak and understand the English language, by taking the language proficiency exam prepared by ANAC,  Santos Dumont English Assessment (SDEA).

ANAC has undertaken an extensive review of the legislation regarding the language proficiency requirements (LPRs), including the criteria for accreditation of legal entities to apply the language proficiency exam. The main Brazilian language proficiency regulations are RBAC 61, IS 61-003A, RBAC 183 and IS 183-001C. RBACs 121, 135 and 129 include operators’ responsibilities. ANAC is in charge of organizing training courses for new language proficiency examiners appointed by eligible legal entities, in accordance with legislation in force. We suggest you keep accessing this page for more information on this topic.

Santos Dumont English Assessment is available at the accredited institutions listed here, and requests must be made directly to the chosen institution. Click here for information about accreditation of legal entities  for administering  Santos-Dumont English Assessment.