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Safety Management Summit - SMS Brazil 2019

publicado 26/12/2019 12h18, última modificação 27/12/2019 11h28

Dia 1 - 5 de dezembro*:

Palestra 1: Tools to reduce incidents or accidentes in the airside
Palestrante: Estela Andrade (Galeão)

Palestra 3: Management of Change - Operational and Business Risk Management Tool
Palestrante: Ana Galvão  (CHC)

Palestra 4: The Challenges of Implementing SMS in Multi-Certified Organization
Palestrante: Nilton Baumgratz (EMBRAER)

Palestra 5: BAST SMS Brazil 2019 
Palestrante: Ana Galvão  (CHC)

Palestra 6: Info-share SISCEAB
Palestrantes: DECEA

Info-share SISCEAB - DECEA – 1
Info-share SISCEAB - DECEA – 2                
Info-share SISCEAB - DECEA – 3
Info-share SISCEAB - DECEA – 4
Info-share SISCEAB - DECEA – 5


Palestra 7: Safety planning for works on the Runway at Santos Dumont Airport
Palestrante: Giuliano Capucho (Infraero - SDU)

Palestra 8: Management of Change - practices and lessons
Palestrante: Ana Galvão (CHC)

Palestra 9: Green area management - repercussions on birdstrike
Palestrante: Amauri Alves (GRU-Airport)

Palestra 12: IATA Standard Safety Assessment (ISSA)
Palestrantes:  Virginio Corrieri & Rui Aquino (ALTA-IATA-Two Flex)


Palestras 2 (Failure in Production Processes – A Case Study), 10 (Flight Path Deviation) e 11 (SMS at Latam) não disponibilizadas.




Dia 2 - 6 de dezembro**:

Palestra 1: Aeronautical Accident Investigation and Prevention Center
Palestrante: Cel Mota (CENIPA)

Palestra 2:  The Uses and Benefits of Voluntary Reporting Programs in Aviation
Palestrante: Donald Arendt (FAA)

Palestra 3: Industry standard rule SM-0001
Palestrante: Lucio Cursino (AIAB)

Palestra 4: Abnormal runway contact during takeoff
Palestrante: Paulo Manoel Razaboni (Embraer)

Palestra 5: Leveraging technology to train tomorrow's aviation safety professional
Palestrante: Dr. Ken Witcher (ERAU)

Palestra 6: Black Swans
Palestrante: Saltos Santiago (Airbus)

Palestra 7: SMS Portal Implementation on GE Celma
Palestrante: José Cristiano Pereira (GE Celma)

Palestra 8: Facts & Fixes
Palestrante: Riccardo Petrucci (ATR)

Palestra 9: Runway Condition Code - RwyCC at Curitiba Airport - PR
Palestra: Paulo Eduardo Cavalcante (Curitiba CWB)

Palestra 11: Development of Airports SPIs
Palestra: Nathalia Cardoso Oliveira (ANAC)


** Palestra 10 (Short Landings – SJP) não disponibilizada.